Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Night After Christmas Snow

I have received many messages and text about this snow storm. What can we expect? What is the total amount supposed to be? Will we see any snow?

I must say I have followed weather my whole life and this storm has been one of thr trickiest storms to try to pin point. It started earlier last week where we thought most of Kentucky would see 4 inches of snow to now where we are quite sure.

To clear some things up lets first talk about this storm setup. We have a low coming through the Ohio Valley that will bring precipitation here tonight into tomorrow. The question is when will the rain change to snow or will it just come down straight as snow. North of the Ohio River, Amounts increase tremendously. Then south of the Ohio River the totals start to decrease quickly.

As of now the NWS has predicted a few places for the snow totals.
Louisville: 1-2 inches
Etown: up to an Inch
Lexington: None
Paducah: 9 to 11 inches
Owensboro 5 to 11 inches
Bowling Green: None

Clark County Up to an Inch
New Albany 1-6 Inches 
Paoli 4-7 inches 
Evansville 10 to 11 inches 
Bloomington 4-7 inches 
Indianapolis 4-8 inches

Above is the Winter Weather Advisory's (Purple) and the Blizzard Warnings (Orange).

As of now Im seeing 1-2 Inches for Louisville, More snow northwest of Louisville, and then anywhere from a dusting to an inch for anyone south of Louisville.

Stay tuned for more updates! This can change quickly! Stay tuned to Hadoc Weather for more!

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